Hajj Application Draw 11th March 2019

Hajj Application Draw 11th March 2019

The Federal Ministry of Religious Affair has announced the Computerized result of Hajj Applications for Hajj 2019 Draw under the government scheme on 11th March check the complete result online on official website of MORA www.mora.gov.pk.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Hajj policy, 184,210 Pakistani pilgrims will perform Hajj this year and the 2019 Hajj scheme will be arranged through the government and private operators.

Hajj Balloting 2019:

hajj application balloting 2019. Hajj balloting of Govt. Hajj Quata for 1440 AH.announced. Those candidates who are selected in the final list of Haj Draw they will perform Haj 2019.

Hajj Draw Result 2019 Online Selected Candidates Lists check selected candidates lists on 11th March 2019.Total Applications Status Balloting Result announced as Hajj 2019/1439.For Hajj 2019, there shall be two schemes i.e. “Government Hajj Scheme” for those applicants who intend to perform Hajj under Government arrangements and “Private Hajj Scheme” for those who want to make their Hajj arrangements through Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs), in accordance with Service Provider Agreement between Ministry and HGOs and individual agreement of the intending Haji with the HGO.

pplicants can now easily verify their basic information and group details. Incase of any discrepancy such as Missing or Extra Group Member, Incorrect CNIC Number, Incomplete Basic Information or any other related mistake, kindly consult respective branch of the bank where you have submitted your application.

We will provide Hajj Application Draw/Balloting 2019 and Final list of selected Candidates with their names, addresses and National Identity Card Number (CNIC) is given the Final List.

How to Check Haj Draw Result 2019:

First of all you need to go to the official www.hajjinfo.org and enter your passport number and your pilgrism result will be shown on the computer screen.

Hajj Application Draw/Balloting 2019






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