Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan NTS Test Result

Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan(IFMP) NTS Test Result 27th May 2018

National Testing Service of Pakistan (NTS) has announced the list of Candidates for Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP) and NTS Test will be held on Sunday 27th & 3rd June 2018.

The Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP), Pakistan’s first securities market institute, has been established as a permanent platform to develop quality human capital, capable to meet the emerging professional knowledge needs of financial markets and create standards among market professionals.

The Institute has been envisioned to conduct various licensing examinations leading to certifications for different segments of the financial markets. In addition, IFMP also provides a platform for research & development, exchange of ideas and consulting services on Financial Markets issues.

The Institute will develop a pool of trained and certified professionals, skilled not only to deal in conventional instruments but also to develop and trade new and complex financial market products like options, index futures, and Exchange Traded Funds, and commodity futures.

Pakistan markets presently face the capacity constraint where standards of knowhow and lack of quality human financial are major impediment to build investor’s confidence. There exists a strong need of a dedicated institute that conduct educational and training activities for the market participants to develop financial market practitioners and focus on the current issues being faced by the financial market.
The Institute has been registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with share financial under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

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