Perkins is overhauling its 300 restaurants Here’s the new look and menu.

My plan when I was at Cornell was to go into the family business, Blue Ridge Farms. My major was agricultural, resource and managerial economics with a minor in food industry management. I had a simple plan – work two years outside my family business to learn everything I could and then take over for my dad one day. I had the wonderful experience of working for my dad for a few years and learning from him before we ended up selling our family business.

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I quickly learned that I thrive with less structure and larger earning potential. Hannah and Joshua Shoffner said they started by revamping the company’s online presence and perfecting the lighting system on the boats. With a focus on customer communication and satisfaction, they ensured the seats got filled every night, and that people walked away happy. Viral posts on social media have led to a much larger customer base, they said, keeping them busy throughout the year.

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The nighttime excursions are advertised for paddlers of all ages and abilities, though some kayaking experience might be helpful. Hannah Shoffner, who owns the business with her husband, Joshua, said upwards of 2,000 people sign up for the nighttime kayak tours each season, which runs from June to mid-September. Although I did not realize it at that time, my entrepreneurial journey began as a child through my upbringing. My parents divorced when I was young, and my mom instilled in me her belief to never be dependent on a man. She wanted me to have it all – success, family and a happy marriage, and if life took an unexpected turn, she wanted me to be ok financially.

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Perkins, a chain that started 66 years ago as a pancake house, is getting an overhaul, with the company rebranding under the name Perkins American Food Co. and adding a new look and menu items to its almost 300 locations around the U.S. My experience at Cornell was wonderful and represents, to this day, the best four years of my life (do not tell my kids or husband I said that!). I learned I was not only smart enough to be competitive with my peers, but I also learned the joy of laughing and having fun. I joke that if you were at Cornell between 1995 and 1999, you may remember me as the blonde girl dancing on the bar at Dino’s. I approach business with that mentality – if you cannot have fun while you are working, then immediately stop what you are doing and figure out a way to bring the fun back in. From management accounting education to an “America-first government,” the former commander-in-chief is pledging to kick-start the following programs and policies once back in office.

  1. The GOP frontrunner has also talked about granting record funding to hire police officers in the U.S. and criticizing the Biden administration and the “radical left” for seeking to defund police departments.
  2. You can always start another business, but if years are passing and it is becoming a huge emotional and financial drain – it is ok to walk away and try again.
  3. My first taste of independence came as a residential real estate agent, where I had total freedom, no base salary and earned commission based on my sales.
  4. I had a simple plan – work two years outside my family business to learn everything I could and then take over for my dad one day.
  5. I spent summers working at his food plant, mesmerized by his charisma and intelligence.

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With bright lights pointed down through the clear kayaks, paddlers can peer through the pure waters of Wallowa Lake — at least in the shallows. In the deeper water, the light gets lost, forcing the attention upward, to the silhouettes of mountain peaks and the twinkling stars above. The 90-minute light-up tours take paddlers around the north end of Wallowa Lake, across the shallows in search of fish and big rocks, and out toward the center of the nearly 300-foot-deep glacial lake. Along the way, guides talk about the area’s history, environment and culture, including the legend of the Wallowa Lake Monster. On June 20, 2024, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) issued a final rule comprehensively restating and expanding its resolution planning rule (the “IDI Rule”) applicable to large insured depository institutions (“IDIs”).

“You’re on a clear lake, you’re in clear air, people here are wonderful, it’s peaceful. And while the business has been successful, the Shoffners said they are already looking to sell, hoping to move their family to another destination. Hannah Shoffner said they have been fielding offers for JO Paddle this season, but are biding their time until they find a suitable buyer, preferably another family. These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘revamp.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

He claimed that murder rates in Democratic cities have increased since he left office. According to the Pew Research Center, murder in the U.S. increased by 30 percent in 2020 and remained “considerably higher than before the coronavirus pandemic” in 2022. The former president plans to boost domestic energy production, lower fuel costs, eliminate the Green New Deal, and allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels accounted for 81% of US energy production in 2022. Former President Donald Trump plans to deport millions of migrants, reshape global trade with expensive tariffs and fill the government with loyalists if he wins a second four-year White House term in the November presidential election.

You can always start another business, but if years are passing and it is becoming a huge emotional and financial drain – it is ok to walk away and try again. The digital-first overhaul includes a website revamp where online shoppers are now offered options to buy online, pick up in store, curbside pickup and same-day delivery. The San Diego International Airport has for years pursued a revamp of the small, out-of-date Terminal 1, and the airlines that operate there are happy to pay to modernize it and increase the flights it can offer. Both Hannah and Joshua emphasized the importance of family when talking about their business. For the last four years, they have included their daughters, now 18 and 7, in the outings on Wallowa Lake. The fact that they get to help other families make lasting memories in northeast Oregon is one of the best aspects of the job, they said.

Our mission extends beyond the classroom, helping entrepreneurs access the research and mentorship they need to start and grow successful businesses. It is important when you start a business to understand your strengths and weaknesses. For the skills that are not in your wheelhouse, it is important to use third parties initially, and then as you expand, hire individuals for those roles. Also, my other advice when starting a business is not to hang on too long if the business is not taking flight.

“It’s recommended that you can paddle because it’s quick, we have to move from spot to spot to spot,” said Joshua, who utilized his experience as a rock musician to craft the experience. The company is also working on bringing more of its bakery items to its meals, although the details are still under wraps, she noted. Perkins will debut other double-decker burgers, such as a “breakfast burger,” which includes a fried egg layered between the beef patties and the bun.

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