PM Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Scheme Online Registration

PM Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Scheme Online Registration

Prime Minister Imran Khan has started pm kamyab jawan business loan scheme first time in Pakistan for young people. You can get kamyabjawan Loan from 10 thousand Rupees to 50 Lac. pm portal Prime Minister’s kamyab jawan Loan Programme Registration.kamyab jawan loan scheme navttc kamiyab for ehsaas lubor prime minister relief fund online registration.

PM Kamyab Jawan Programme Categories:

PM Kamyab Jawan Programme divided into three categories

jawan programe prime minister

Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Apply For Loan


jawan kamyab eligibility criteria

Pakistani Nationality Holder

Age Limit: 18-45 years

The minimum age for the applicant under this scheme is 21 years at the time of application submission. However, it is relaxable to 18 years in case of applicants applying for IT or Computer related businesses. The maximum age limit is 45 years at the time of application submission.

Education: There is no general requirement of minimum educational qualification, though it will be a favorable consideration for decision making by banks. However, in the case of businesses which compulsorily require certain qualification, certifications, diplomas, authorizations or licenses, the same must be held by the applicant.

Women Quota:25%

Persons employed in private jobs can also apply. This scheme is for both startups as well as existing micro and small business enterprises.

Loan Tenure: Eight (08) years with a grace period of 1 year.

This scheme is only for resident Pakistanis

The government of Pakistan has launched Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan National Youth Development Programme.kamyab jawan program 2020

kamyab jawan pm hunarmand Pakistan NAVTTAC Applivation Form



Application for a loan under this scheme can only be submitted online. You only have to fill out the form at the following link/ address and submit. The branch of your selected bank located nearest to your given address will be automatically selected and an SMS message will be delivered to your provided cell number with confirmation of application submission and details of your selected bank and assigned branch.

These banks are designated as lead banks for this scheme:
National Bank of Pakistan
Bank of Punjab, and
Bank of Khyber

You only have to pay Rs. 100/= (Rupees One Hundred Only) as processing fee.

According to NEFDA projects, loans are available for purchase of houses, apartments, flats up to 5 marlas or 125 square yards with a maximum cord area of ​​850 square feet and a maximum value of Rs. 3.5 million. Under this level, a maximum loan of Rs. 27 lakh will be given for a maximum period of 20 years.

You can withdraw your application any time before your application is approved or rejected. In case your application is approved, you can withdraw your application by rejecting the offer. In case your application is rejected, you cannot withdraw your application and the status of your application will remain as ‘rejected’.


A person cannot avail of more than one loan. However, after the repayment of his/ her first loan and issuance of a clearance certificate from his/her bank, he/she may apply for the second loan. Blood relatives of employees of participating banks cannot apply for loans under this scheme from the banks where their blood relatives are employed. This is a necessary measure to avoid conflict of interest.

However, these blood relatives may apply for loans under this scheme from banks other than those where their blood relatives are employed. Government employees are strictly barred from applying under this scheme. Applicants are advised to select businesses that are ethical, legal, commercially viable, suitable for applicants’ respective areas and for which applicants possess required minimum knowledge, experience, training, and support.

PM Kamyab Jawan Loan application form

kamyab jawan program scheme Pakistan online registration.Pakistni youth can get kamyab jawan program loan scheme form from pm portal kamyab jawan loan jawaan kamyab form downloadprime minister kamyab hunermand nojwan programme


No physical application form is required. All applications have to be submitted online at the following link/ address and submit:


Upon submission of your application on the portal, an SMS message will be delivered to your provided cell number with confirmation of application submission and details of your selected bank and assigned branch.

For loans less than or equal to Rs. 500,000 (Tier-1), no collateral is required. For loans greater than Rs. 500,000 (Tier-2), any bankable collateral acceptable to the bank is required. The decision on collateral for tier-2 loans rests with the participating banks. However, these may include the following:
Mortgage of Applicant Property (Residential/ Commercial/ Agricultural, etc.)
Mortgage of Third Party Property Residential/ Commercial, etc.)
Hire purchase of vehicles (Joint registration)
Lien on marketable securities/ certificate of deposits/ national savings certificates, etc.)
Hypothecation of current and fixed assets including stocks and receivables
Pledge of gold ornaments
Registered charge on business assets in case of joint-stock companies
Third-party guarantees
This is just an indicative list. The actual decision on collateral would vary from case to case and will invariably be based upon the credit policies and practices of participating banks.

Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program:

The Pakistani government has designed a comprehensive program named “Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program”. For the very first time in Pakistan, through the platform of PM Kamyab Jawan, the government has created opportunities to open the doors of the socio-economic empowerment of youth.

Youth participation in the socio-economic race of any country is an important aspect as it affects the social and monetary advancement of society. In this regard, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched a program through which the young generation can get opportunities to excel in their respective fields. The following are the 6 important schemes included in the program:

As part of the Prime Minister’s vision of creating 10 million jobs, PM’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program has been developed under the banner of Kamyab Jawan. This scheme envisages “Hunar Se Karobar Tak”, where youth will be graduated from basic asset transfer to interest-free loans to micro and then finally small loans as depicted in the graph.


All the data submitted through this form will not assure the approval of the bank loans unless you fulfill the eligibility criteria i.e. concerned bank’s assessment standards.

Hunarmand Jawan ProgramBesides training youth in demand-driven high-end technologies, “Skills for All Programme” envisages to uplift the TVET sector.

Salient Features
Development & Standardization of 200 Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Qualifications.International Accreditation of 50 Pakistani TVET Institutes and initiation of Joint Degree Programs with reputed international TVET Institutes. Strengthening of NAVTTC’s National Skill Information System (NSIS) and expansion of National Job Portal. Establishing 100 Smart Tech labs across Pakistan for distant learning programs in the Technical & Vocational Education and Training sector including the introduction of soft skills, Business & IT, and virtual skill development Establishing 10 countries of destination-specific facilitation Centers in 10 cities across Pakistan with high outflux of Pakistanis in the international market workers abroad. Establishing 70 new labs/workshops in Madrassa(s) to introduce skill development activities all across Pakistan.

Skill Development Program for 50,000 youth belonging to less developed areas of the country especially Balochistan, GB, AJK, and newly added districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Ex-FATA), Southern Punjab & Rural Sindh. Skill development training of 50,000 Youth in High-End / High-Tech. technologies in reputed Universities & state of the Art TVET Institutes of Pakistan. Apprenticeship training of 25,000 youth in the industry under Apprenticeship Act-2018 (Formal & Informal Apprenticeship) in collaboration with provincial TEVTAs.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of 100,000 youth to certify informally acquired skills inside the country and abroad and training of 8,000 Assessors. Establishing a National Accreditation Council at ICT. Accreditation of 2,000 TVET Institutes all across Pakistan. Transfer of Technology through Foreign Training of 500 TVET Teachers in Technologically Advanced Countries and In-country Technical Training of 2,000 TVET Teachers. Establishment of 50 Business Incubation Centers to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in skilled youth.

Green Youth Movement (GYM) is one of the flagship initiatives of the Kamyab Jawan Programme. Under this program, Pakistani youth is offered small grants to bring eco-innovative solutions for tackling environmental and climate crises like:

Solid and liquid waste management
Water conservation
Renewable energy
Agriculture and forestry
A network of GYM clubs will be established in around 110 HEC-recognized public sector universities Young eco-innovators will be mentored and their innovations will be marketed both nationally and internationally.

To sensitize and organize youth for the promotion of environmental conservation and eco-friendly behavior.
To inculcate in the youth culture of research and echo-innovation for environmental conservation and mitigation of climate change.
To financially support youth in spearheading eco-innovation in the country.
To showcase and promote eco-innovations by giving young eco-inventors exposure at regional and international levels.
To tap the regional and international market potential for Pakistani young eco-innovators.
To establish model green campuses-living labs (at least one in each of the four provinces and two regions) for the promotion of best practices in renewable energy, solid and liquid waste management, water conservation, agriculture, forestry, and eco-tourism.

Prime Minister’s Startup Pakistan Programme aims to:
Train 1 Million Students from Universities and Technical Colleges 10,000 Startups will be Launched۔ Entrepreneurship Connectivity with innovation ecosystem globally through a single digital platform connecting academia, industry and public stakeholders nationally and internationally
startup Pakistan Programme
Kamyab Jawan program is providing essential funding to HEC and NAVTTC to accelerate the expansion of Business Incubation Centers by introducing a blended incubation model. HEC’s BICs will provide 500,000 pieces of training in entrepreneurship and provide blended incubation for all HEC accredited universities across Pakistan to graduate 5,000 start-ups from BICs, established in all Universities of Pakistan. Similarly, the TVET sector through NAVTIC aims to provide 500,000 pieces of training in entrepreneurship and blended incubation for top 300 technical training centers across Pakistan to graduate 5,000 start-ups from the blended incubation centers. Besides funding to the universities and technical colleges, business loans worth PKR 100 Billion are also made available to young entrepreneurs through the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES).

Goals and Timelines
Provide support to all universities and vocational training centers in developing capacity in incubation services that can be offered to any student that is willing to start their own business, generating 10,000 startups by 2023. Enable a culture of technology innovation by engaging 100,000 students in the process of learning new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas by 2023. Streamline startup funding process to reduce government risk and increase the probability of entrepreneurial success, providing seed grants to youth entrepreneurs. Facilitate a national startup ecosystem under the banner of Startup Pakistan to support the potential creation of 1 million startup jobs. Engage overseas Pakistanis from developed nations to empower young technology entrepreneurs, providing guidance, opening markets, and investing their intellectual and financial capital.
How to Apply
After launching the project, students and alumni of any university can apply for training and business incubation under this program.

One of the key objectives of our government is Youth empowerment. To achieve this, it is important to address the issue of unemployment of youth in Pakistan. This internship program is aimed at improving the employability of educated youth.

The National Internship Program 2019 has two major objectives:

Establish a visible connection between qualification and workplace requirements b. Channelize the energy of the educated youth in the right direction Guiding principles and basics. The program will be a joint initiative of government, universities, and industry. The relationship should be able to create value for internees and the organizations that hire them. The program has to be efficient and cost-effective to be sustainable and would be drawn on the basis of public-private partnership. The program principally recognizes that it is in the interest of the graduating youth and the industry to forge. The program identifies the need for practical exposure for fresh graduates for at least six months. The internship of six months will prepare the internet to be able to start a regular job with a reasonable learning curve position which will consequently provide the employing organizations with trained and tested human resources. The employing organization participating in the internship will support the cause of nation-building and also run the program as a seamless process of regular hiring. This will be a cost-effective and efficient program, which would be beneficial for the youth as well as the organizations which hire them as internees۔

Youth Engagement Platform
Jawan Markaz is an interactive platform for engaging, counseling and mentoring youth both through physical and digital sources. It offers access to facilities like sports, social engagements, career counseling and mentoring not only through physical interaction but also by leveraging digital media.

kamyab jawan programme application form

pm.kamyab jawan sme landing program Details are given on this page. National bank kamyab jawan scheme karza form for kamyab jawan loan scheme, kamyab young jawan program application, kamiyab jawan program online form, bank of punjab kamyab jwan online. you can contact the nearest branches of National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Punjab
and Bank of Khyber for guidance and assistance.

kamyab jawan loan information in Urdu

وزیراعظم “کامیاب جوان” پروگرام کے تحت قرضہ حاصل کرنے کے بارے مفصل تفصیلات

kamyab jawan scheme information

وزیراعظم کامیاب جوان پروگرام

وزیراعظم کامیاب جوان پروگرام کے تحت دس لاکھ نوجوان براہ راست فائدہ اٹھائیں جس کیلئے 100 ارب مختص کئے گئے ہیں

 یوتھ انٹریپرینیورشپ اسکیم

فارم کو مکمل طور پر پُر کریں. تمام خانےپُر کرنا لازمی ہیں

تمام مکمل، درست اور جمع شدہ درخواستوں پر فیصلہ تیس دنوں میں(علاوہ تعطیالا ت) ہوگا

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