Punjab Government Subsidy on Seeds and Fertilizers

Punjab Government Subsidy on Seeds and Fertilizers

Punjab Government has provided subsidy on Seeds and Fertilizers in this year 2019 through subsidy vouchers to facilitate them. The subsidy is being given on Diammonium phosphate fertilizer, Nitrophos, Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium and Sulphate of potash fertilizers.


The subsidy will help reduce production expenses of crops besides increasing per acre yield.  After the scratching voucher, the number should be sent through SMS on 8070 while unregistered farmers should contact agriculture helpline 0800-15000, 0800-29000 to get information about the subsidy. Around 5.2 million farmer families will benefit from the subsidy scheme.

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The farmers who use the fertilizers of FFC, Agone Limited, Engro Fertilizers, Pacific Private Limited, Pakarab Fertilizers, Premium Petroleum, Jaffer Engro Services, Jawala International, Reliance, Suncorp Pesticides, Fatima Fertilizers, Nelum Seeds and United Engro Chemical Companies could get the subsidy vouchers.


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