Punjab Minimum Wages Rates Notification 2023

Punjab Minimum Wages Rates Notification 2023

The Punjab government has recently released the minimum wage rates notification for 2023. The notification highlights a few changes in the minimum wage rates for different categories of workers, including skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labourers. These changes have been introduced to ensure that workers in the state receive a fair wage that is commensurate with the cost of living. In this article, we will discuss the changes in the minimum wage rates and their impact on workers and businesses in Punjab.

The Punjab Labour Department has recommended a significant increase in minimum wages for workers. The new minimum wage would be Rs32,000 per month, which is a substantial increase from the previous minimum wage of Rs25,000. This move is part of the caretaker government’s efforts to make the country more worker-friendly.

Punjab Minimum Wages Rates Notification 2023

The meeting of the minimum wage board was chaired by Labour Department Secretary Asadullah Faiz. The board unanimously recommended the new wages. The Secretary stated that the department had recommended the minimum wages, and the main board comprising employers’ and employees’ representatives would discuss and hopefully endorse the recommendations in a month or so.

Receiving and considering complaints from various corners will be part of the main board’s agenda during this period. The decision to increase the minimum wage was taken in light of the caretaker government’s worker-friendly endeavour. Once the main board recommends the proposal, the case is moved to the cabinet for final consent. After that, the department executes the proposal, the labour secretary said.

It is worth noting that former President Asif Ali Zardari had also urged the federal government to raise the minimum wages of labourers to Rs35,000 a month.

Minimum Wage Rates 2023 Rs. 32000/- Per Month Punjab

minimum wages notification 2022-23, The government of Punjab minimum wages board Lahore drafted recommendations about the fixation of wages of skilled and semi-skilled workers. This draft is about the fixed wages of workers employed in an industrial and commercial establishment in the Punjab province. These recommendations must be applied in all industrial undertakings located in Punjab province. The minimum rates of wages recommended for unskilled and adult and adolescent workers shall be applied uniformly throughout the province.
Table of Proposed Rates

Sr. No Category of Workers

Proposed Minimum Wage Rates

Per Day for 8 Per month for 26 working hours working days

1 Unskilled Adult & Adolescent

workers are employed in all industrial & commercial establishments of Punjab Province.

Rupees 1230.76 Rupees 32,000/-

Punjab Minimum Wages Rates Notification 2023


The Punjab Minimum Wages Rates Notification 2023 is a welcome step towards improving the wages and working conditions of workers in the state. The revised rates are expected to benefit workers and employers alike, and promote a better standard of living for workers. It is important for employers to comply with the notification and ensure that workers are paid fair wages for their work. minimum wages notification 2022-23

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