Shifa College of Medicine NTS Test Result 2016

Shifa College of Medicine NTS Test Result 2016

National Testing Service of Pakistan has announced the result of shifa college of medicine admissions NTS Test which was held on Sunday 9th October, 2016.

shifa college of medicine entry test

The well developed infrastructure, state of the art facilities and the new integrated curriculum being taught by one of the best faculties of the country at Shifa College of Medicine allows students to grasp the concept of medicine and health in a more comprehensive way.

Shifa College Of Medicine Islamabad Admission Entrance Test 2016:
Shifa’s Entrance Test (conducted by National Testing Service-Pakistan) Local applicants, whether they have submitted completed application or provisional, will be required to write the Shifa College of Medicine’s Entrance Test which will be conducted by National Testing Service (NTS). The Entrance Test is an essential requirement of the Admission Process for all local students. The results of the Entrance Test make a very significant contribution towards the computation of the final merit of applicants. Higher the score in the Entrance test better are the prospects for selection.

It was a 2-hour test based on multiple-choice format. Entrance test will be held on Sunday October 9, 2016 in the following major cities of Pakistan

Subject to minimum of 200 candidates, otherwise candidate will be assigned next nearest test city). NTS will confirm about the test details (Venue, Date & Time) and dispatch roll number slip to each candidate through courier service, 12 days prior to the Entrance Test.

List of candidates, appearing in the entrance test will also be uploaded on National Testing Service (NTS) website(,one week prior to the Entrance Test.

The requirement for admission will not be complete without the Entrance Test or it’s alternate. Consequently, the applications of all those candidates who fail to write the Shifa Entrance Test will not be considered beyond this stage.

The medium of instruction in the college is English, and applicants must realize that adequate proficiency is essential in both verbal as well as written English. Simply appearing in the test of English comprehension is not enough.

Shifa Entrance NTS Test Result 2016

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