Punjab Pharmacy Technician 26th Annual Exam 2024 Check NTS Test Result with Roll Number

NTS Has declared Punjab Pharmacy Council Pharmacy Technicians Qualifying Test Result and all candidates can check on official website of NTS www.nts.org.pk. Punjab Pharmacy Council (Pharmacy Technicians)(Qualifying Test)Result Test Held on: Saturday 6th and Sunday, 7th January 2024. Check Punjab Pharmacy Council Pharmacy Technicians Qualifying Test Result by clicking.

Welcome to the exciting journey of the Punjab Pharmacy Technician 26th Annual Exam 2024! Aspiring pharmacy technicians across Punjab are gearing up for this significant examination, and it’s essential to stay informed about the process, especially when it comes to checking your results through the National Testing Service (NTS). In this article, we will guide you through the steps to check your results with your roll number.

Punjab Pharmacy Technician 26th Annual Exam 2024 Check NTS Test Result with Roll Number

Pharmacy is the fastest growing, dynamic profession offering a wealth of opportunities. Many occupations offer to improve society’s quality of life, the profession of pharmacy involves the preservation of life itself. While serving the society, a secure professional future is reasonably guaranteed with the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

The Punjab Pharmacy Technician Exam serves as a gateway for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in pharmacy. It is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates the knowledge and skills necessary for the role of a pharmacy technician. The exam not only ensures the competency of professionals but also guarantees a high standard of pharmaceutical services within the region.

Punjab Pharmacy Technician NTS Test Result 2024

Punjab Pharmacy Council is a Autonomous Statuary body functioning under Federal Legislation (Pharmacy Act, 1967). Punjab Pharmacy Council, established under Pharmacy Act 1967 as amended in 1973, with the crystal clear objective to regulate the practice of pharmacy. The Secretary Health Government of the Punjab acts as President (Ex-officio) while the secretary, bears the office of Punjab Pharmacy Council to execute and exercise all the legislative functions (Section-23 of the Pharmacy Act, 1967).

The National Testing Service (NTS) conducts the Punjab Pharmacy Technician Exam, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process. Understanding the structure and significance of the NTS test is crucial for every candidate aiming to excel in the pharmacy field.

Punjab Pharmacy Council Pharmacy Technician Result 2024

Punjab Pharmacy Council(Qualifying Test) NTS Test Pharmacy Technician List of Candidates. National Testing Service of Pakistan has taken NTS Test on Saturday 27 and Sunday, 28 January 2024. The Punjab Pharmacy Technician 26th Annual Exam is a stepping stone toward a rewarding career. We hope this guide has been instrumental in clarifying the process and providing valuable insights into the examination.

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