wifaq ul madaris Annual result 1442/2021

wifaq ul madaris Annual result 1442/2021

Wifaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan has announced the result on 5th May 2021 in Multan Pakistan. The results of the year 1442 AH are expected to be held at 28th Shauban. Only three years of results can be seen from the online web site www.wifaqulmadaris.org.

Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan وفاق المدارس العربیہ‬, its board was founded in 1959.It is the largest federation of Islamic Seminaries around the world. More than 10,000 Seminaries and about 8,000 Iqra Schools across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are affiliated with the federation. It controls all the seminaries which are run by Deoband School of thought. A renowned Hanafi Scholar Molana Saleemullah Khan is the president and Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari is general sectary of the federation. The head office of Wafaq ul Madaris is situated in Multan. wifaq ul madaris date sheet 2018 is also published.

wifaq ul madaris date sheet 2021

wifaq ul madaris hifz result 2021:

The results of the year 1442 AH are expected to be held at 28th Shauban. wifaq ul madaris result 1440,wifaq ul madaris nisab 2021,wifaqulmadaris 2021, wifaq ul madaris result 1442 announced. 2021 result wifaq ul madaris multan, wifaq ul madaris result date 2021/1442.

wifaq ul madaris exam 2021:

Near about 8,000 Iqra Schools and 10,000 seminaries are associated whit WMAA Pakistan. Every year many seminaries provide the admissions in different computer and science courses to upgrade the standard of education. multan borad of wifaq ul madaris results in 2021. wifaq ul madaris result 1440. wifaqulmadaris result of 1442 hijri
wifaq ul madaris al arabia pakistan multan results from 2021. wifaqulmadaris results hijri bnat.wifaq ul madaris tajweed result

wifaq ul madaris result 2018

wifaq ul madaris results 1440, wifaq ul madaris 1442 result. wifaq ul madaris result 1442. wefaq ul madaris al arabia multan result issuing date.

wifaq ul madaris result 1440 will be announce on 1st Ramadan.

wifaqulmadaris results 2019 download from this page. wifaqulmadaris result of 1442

wifaq ul madaris result 1440/ wafaq ul result 1442

result of wifaqul madaris pakistan 1440 on www.wifaqulmadaris.org result 2021

wifaqulmadaris all result 1440 announced.wifaqulmadaris results in 1442

(وفاق المدارس العربیہ پاکستان کے سالانہ امتحان 2019ء کے نتائج کا اعلان

وفاق المدارس العربیہ پاکستان نتائج

انفرادى مکتب نتائج

مدارس مکتب نتائج

مدارس حفظ نتائج

مدارس نظر ثانی مکتب نتائج

Wifaq ul Madaris Hifz Result 1442 hijri 2021

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پنجاب سے پوزیشن ہولڈر
وفاق المدارس رزلٹ

ملکی سطح پر پوزیشن ہولڈرز
وفاق المدارس رزلٹ 2019

سندھ سے پوزیشن ہولڈر
وفاق المدارس رزلٹ

خیبر پختون خواہ سے پوزیشن ہولڈر
وفاق المدارس رزلٹ


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