Jamia tur Rasheed admission 2024 Check NTS Result with Roll Number

The journey of academic excellence often involves significant milestones, and for many aspiring students, the Jamia tur Rasheed NTS (National Testing Service) exam stands out as a crucial checkpoint. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the recently released NTS results for the year 2024, exploring not only the outcomes but also the broader impact on candidates and society at large.

Jamia tur Rasheed admission 2024 Check NTS Result with Roll Number

National Testing Service of Pakistan (NTS) has announced the result of Jamia tur Rasheed NTS Admission Test which is held on Saturday 30th June 2023. Jamiatur Rasheed, Karachi, also known as Kulya-tush-Shariah, Jamia-tur-Rasheed, is an Islamic institution situated in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhianwi has established the Jamiah.

Jamia tur Rasheed NTS Result 2023

Every year, countless students undertake the challenging Jamia tur Rasheed NTS examination, a key determinant of their academic and professional trajectories. The National Testing Service, renowned for its rigorous evaluation methods, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape.

The education system of the Jamiah is arranged into the following categories:
Long Courses:
These persist throughout the educational year (lasting from the Islamic month of Shawwal till Rajab) and include the following:
Nazra-wa-Hifzay Qur’an Majeed
Mahadul Lughatul Arabia
Kulya-tul-Takhasus: This faculty consists of five specialization courses.
i. Specialization in Fatwa
ii. Specialization in teaching
iii. Arabic Language Course
iv. English Language Course
v. Urdu Journalism Course
Short Courses:
These courses are taught at appropriate times for a certain period during the educational year or during vacations. These courses vary in duration, including mostly non-curricular activities.
(i). Qaza (Fatwa) Course
(ii). Islamic Banking Course.
(iii). Summer Camp.

NTS Ppaers based on MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions), like other universities. nts paper for jamia tur rasheed consist on MCQ and Simple papers also given by NTS on official website of NTS www.nts.org.pk.

The NTS result is more than just a score; it serves as a testament to a candidate’s dedication, knowledge, and ability to navigate complex academic assessments. Beyond individual implications, the collective outcomes influence educational standards and contribute to the development of a highly skilled workforce.

All candidates can check on www.nts.org.pk result. The candidates get Online result from Kulliya-tush-Shariah official website (https://www.kulyatushariah.edu.pk), then take coloured print outs the result card.

Jamia tur Rasheed, with its rich history and commitment to both academic and religious studies, holds a unique position in the realm of education. Understanding the institution’s roots provides context to the significance of the NTS examination it administers.

The dual emphasis on academic and religious studies at Jamia tur Rasheed distinguishes it as a holistic educational institution. The NTS exam aligns with this ethos, testing candidates on both secular and theological knowledge.

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